Ktown Cowboys – The Movie… and Kickstarter

Visit our Kickstarter page. Last year our team got together and put together a web series called KTOWN… [more]

Ktown Cowboys – The Movie… and Kickstarter Ktown Cowboys – The Movie… and Kickstarter

Bonus Episode

Bobby Lee rocking Justin Bieber.… [more]

Bonus Episode Bonus Episode

Visit our Kickstarter page.

Last year our team got together and put together a web series called KTOWN COWBOYS. We’ve developed a strong following and now want to turn it into a feature film. The web series follows a group of young Korean-Americans having one epic night in Koreatown, Los Angeles. We feel that we owe it to our fans to create a movie that is much more epic and entertaining than our web series. To date we have over 1.2 million views combined on our web series.

As of now we have locked down most of the money which will be used for the actual shooting of the film. However, we would like to raise more money to properly market the film. Our goal is to premiere the film at a film festival such as South by Southwest, and then go on a nationwide tour to screen the film at various cities and meet as many of our fans as possible. The money we raise on Kickstarter will go toward all necessary materials and fees needed to market our film correctly. This means printing out posters, merchandise, flyers, ad space, etc.

Even a dollar helps! Support the KTOWN COWBOYS movement and in return we will be working our asses off to deliver a kick ass movie for you to enjoy!

Thank you so much!


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Let’s party like we did back in 90′s at Velfarre!!

Wired Rebels x My Ninja! presents “90′s K-Pop Party” 2010


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Whattup guys,

Hola from the motherland guys! My friend Crystal (of As One) has a radio show in Korea and asked me if i wanted to promote KTOWN COWBOYS here in Korea. Here is the info… show is called K-Popular with As-One, 101.3fm. tbsefm.seoul.kr and click on ON AIR RADIO on top left.

I’m gonna be on at Monday, October 11th @ 9PM Pacific Time & Tuesday, October
12th @ 1PM in Korean Time… so holla at yo boy from the motherland!


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Bobby Lee rocking Justin Bieber.

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LIVE PERFORMANCES by Danny Cho and Big Phony, and AFTER PARTY

Date: Thursday, September 23rd

135 W 41st Street
New York, NY

Listen up New Yorkers! Join us at CIRCLE (NYC) for a special screening of the popular web series KTOWN COWBOYS and be the first to see the much anticipated BONUS EPISODE of KTOWN COWBOYS featuring BOBBY LEE (Mad TV). Special LIVE PERFORMANCES by stand up comic Danny Cho (Mad TV) and singer/songwriter Big Phony. Then, stick around to party and mingle with the cast & crew for an AFTERPARTY that will last till the sun comes up.

$15 Online Pre Sale Tickets at http://www.ktowncowboys.com
$20 at Door

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Johnny, a young Korean American from Richmond, Virginia, finds himself transplanted to Los Angeles’ Koreatown. Having been recently dumped by his girlfriend and with no immediate job prospects, Johnny is taken under the wings of his cousin Jason and a motley crew of party hoppers who are dedicated to having a good time and taking no prisoners in doing so.